100 Days of Hacking

Fuck It, Ship It
Photo by Robert Rouhani

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I spent the majority of this last year organizing HackRPI because hackathons are amazing and every school with a computer science program should host one.

HackRPI went very well, but in the process of raising sponsorship, working on our design and branding, and managing our budget, I had stopped programming entirely. Since then I've started slowly working on my side projects again, but I felt like some external motivation would help me dive right back in to it.

Follow me on this journey with the hashtag #100daysofhacking. I'll be keeping an eye out for cool updates with that hashtag and put them up on the site.

If for any reason you don't want an update to be posted, email me (email address on my GitHub profile) and I'll take it down.

Days 18-21

Skyrim (mostly)

Day 17

Updating SharpFont

Day 16

SharpNav Clients

Day 15

A Day in the Desert

Day 14